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Golf estates are a great investment when it comes to your forever home. It doesn’t matter your age or phase of life; you always deserve to feel like you’re retired or permanently on vacation. Living on a golf course provides you with a change of a pace, and the altered lifestyle you need. There are many benefits and reasons to living on a golf course. We have decided to share a few with you below.


Living on a golf course provides you with an escape from the busy, chaotic environment you work in. The small, close community provides you with a change of sentiment throughout your week and weekend. There are many golf estates located all over the United States, but Virginia golf estates provide just this type of environment. While it is a slight escape from the city, the golf estates are all conveniently located. That way, after a long day at work, your paradise isn’t too far. For more information about great golf course communities in northern VA check out our golf site


A home on the golf course provides you with every excuse to golf as much as possible. Alleviate stress in the evenings, spend the weekend practicing on your game, or enjoy weekly leagues. Having the golf course literally in your backyard will guarantee a daily stress reliever and access to your favorite hobby. Additional amenities typically include a country club, beautiful landscape, breathtaking views, and a safe and secure neighborhood.

Long-Term Investment

Golf estates provide you with a long-term investment, whether it is your retirement home or not. Most people wait until retirement to have the house on the course. Make that change today by finding a home you can see fitting your changing needs throughout life. Most golf estates have a variety of home types to choose from. For example, Belmont Country Club in Ashburn, Virginia consists of estate homes, townhomes and carriage homes. There will be something there for you, to fit your lifestyle and your family.

Here are just a few of the many benefits to buying a house on the golf course. If you are looking for a neighborhood with all of the amenities, a golf estate is for you. Additionally, with the weekly leagues and various activities, you are bound to feel the close-knit community environment even though you are surrounded by the big city lifestyle. We are here to help you find your dream home, at your dream location.

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