Virginia Horse Country Property for Sale (Jackie & John F. Kennedy’s)

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This year, the heritage of John F. Kennedy has been the topic of a lot of commemoration.  The 50th anniversary of his Dallas assassination and the disbelief due to the sudden demise of Camelot’ prince, makes this revered U.S. president’s loss still echo, unfortunately.

But, in spite of this year’s seriousness of the sad commemoration, there is happily, some fascinating information about the only residence ever constructed by Jackie and John F. Kennedy; it is being sold.

Layout and Price

Offered at $11 million, the huge estate on the outskirts of Middleburg, VA, whose layout was designed by Jackie, was finished just weeks prior to the murder of JFK on 22 November, 1963. Jackie Kennedy named the property ‘Wexford’ after an Ireland county where the Kennedy kin had ancestors; it has 167 acres and scenic sights of Blue Ridge Mountains.

This is a very exceptional chance to stay where JFK resided, even if Kennedy just managed to derive pleasure from the tranquil compounds and residence of 4 bedrooms and an equal number of bathrooms, for two brief weeks.

The Cape Cod compound in Hyannis, MA  pilgrimages of the Kennedy’s were popular; an area of a lot of iconic pictures of the President and his numerous siblings, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces and cousins. This was in this quiet Virginia area where Jackie Kennedy happily tried to form family getaways, from the limelight and chaos that trailed the popular First Family.

Throughout the years, the beautiful horse estate has been maintained as it was. Listing agent, Patricia Burns believes the estate remains as unique as the day it was built. She hopes that a buyer will come along with enthusiasm for the JFK dynasty and place it on the historical register.

Aesthetic and History

The house extends 5,050 sq. ft. and has the inventive parquet floors, dressing rooms for men and women, numerous fireplaces, an official dining room, built-in cabinets as well as bookcase, ceilings of nine feet and interchangeable power generators.

The outside portrays natural surroundings, which Jackie Kennedy was always searching for in her horse country residences. Only one hour away from the White House, this home offers a lot of convenience. The estate features natural stone landscaping and a flagstone pool deck which has an exterior cooking section and trellises covered with vines. There is also a stone patio and a full tennis court.

Other amenities include generous stables, a garage for three vehicles, and an underground bunker which was used by Secret Service officials. Burns also stated that following the completion of the building, Jackie included around $10,000 (no inflated for today’s cost) in redecoration, such as adding a particular communications area to enable JFK to reach other officials in Washington DC.

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Virginia Horse Country Property for Sale (Jackie & John F. Kennedy’s)

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