Best Northern Virginia Investment Properties

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The  Best Northern Virginia investment Properties (Fairfax County)

The Best Northern Virginia investor finds (Loudoun County)  

Top Investment Choices (Arlington County)

Gene Mock, Associate Broker with the Premier Team, Keller Williams Realty, 703-342-8100, is your best source for experienced, knowledgeable real estate investment advice in the Northern Virginia metro area.  Gene has developed a strategy for building your individualized real estate portfolio from the ground up.  He will walk you through the process, beginning with determining what type of real estate investment works best for you, the individual investor.  It is important to understand all aspects of your real estate investment, starting with what type of real estate would be best suited to your budget and your long-term goals.  Once you determine what type of property to invest in, Gene will help you select the optimum location of your real estate asset to maximize income stream and long-term equity gain.  This process can be very straightforward, based on your budget and your goals.  Gene will show how much cash flow you can expect to receive based on your invested dollar in order to makue sure it will be a good investment.  For example, you could decide to stay away from investing in condominiums because they condo fees are typically higher than they are with fee simple ownership, plus they normally escalate more over time, which can greatly impact your net cash flow.

Where Should I Invest to Get the Best Equity?

Gene will assist you in finding the best location or neighborhood you want to invest in–where these types of homes can easily be found. We are fortunate in that Northern Virginia Metro Area is densely populated, resulting in many opportunities for the real estate investor to find his or her ideal targeted property type. It’s important to optimize your rental income by choosing real estate that will command the best rental income in neighborhoods where rental are in high demand, such as those found near public transportation and commuter routes.You’ll stand the best chance of appreciation in these popular counties, Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun. With new Metro stops coming to Dulles Airport from Tysons Corner this whole region is poised to do very well for equity growth.

How Do I Get the Best Return on My Investment Dollar?

Ideally you want to choose a property that you believe will appreciate at above-average rates and then purchase it at a discount.  The discount is important because it represents built-in profit as well as equity.  This is termed “margin of safety.”  As stated by successful investment real estate investors Jimmy & Linda McKissack of Highland Village, TX:

“When we started out, we decided our basic formula was to put down 20 percent cash, buy at least 10 percent below market value, and cash flow of a minimum of $200 a month after taxes, insurance, principal and interest and property management fees.  And it had to do that on a 15-year payout.”

Once you select the Northern Virginia area you are invested in investing in, you’ll need to decide what features and amenities you want, such as number of stories, parking, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, finished living areas you want.  For example, if homes in the area mostly have basements, you will want to select a home with a basement.  If homes have at least 1-car garages, then you should select potential homes to purchase that have at least a 1-car garage.  You need to focus on bedroom and bathroom count as the rental markets vary according to what neighborhood you decide to target.


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